DAVI for Tank Trailers

Tank trailers have some common features. First of all, their thickness doesn't exceed 15 mm. Then, the plates are made of steel or aluminium. In terms of rolling, the challenge comes from the necessity of large-diameter on very long cylinders: these features make the rolling process a tough task. In general, tank trailers can have other peculiar shapes, such as oval, rounded square or multi-radius.

The leading companies in tank trailers fabrication choose DAVI for their challenging rolling needs: some examples are Kenworth, Volvo, Trinity Industries, Stokota, Randon, satisfied clients that experienced first-hand the quality of DAVI equipment.

In this field, plate roll are usually four roll with many special attachments or features. For multi-radius shapes, a high-end automation is required. Furthermore, when it comes to very long machines (over 10 m), the rolls have to be accessorized with crowning compensation tools as well as the customers often need a swinging overhead support.

On the other hand, angle roll are used for structural reinforcement sections: for this particular application, DAVI angle roll are equipped with special tools and are usually provided with a customized overhead support for large diameter.

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